TEAA project focuses the improvement of the capacity of the CSOs in Bulgaria and Romania for responding the questions of “active ageing”: the activities concerning areas such as work life balance, family polices, social integration of older people, and the role of the EU CSOs in the processes coping with demographic changes in a successful way.

June 2007

Third Study Visit: Germany, Czech Republic

The Third TEAA study visit is planned for the period 23 – 30 June 2007. The participants will visit third age educational institutions in Munich and Prague, and will have the possibilities for further contacts.


The importance of dealing with the Active Ageing process is stressed in the EU Green Paper "Confronting demographic change: a new solidarity between the generations" (COM(2005)), and widely discussed in the Conference under the same name, held in Charlemagne Conference Centre Brussels in July 2005. As it seems to be one of the major topics in the Civil Society sector for the next years, the CSOs in Bulgaria and Romania, who are not much experienced in this area, have to take some major steps to ensure that the challenges of population ageing and the concerns of older persons are adequately incorporated into their programmes and projects.

The direct target groups of the proposal are CSOs from Bulgaria and Romania, interested to develop activities and policies in the above mentioned Civil Society sector. The indirect target group are the older (55+) people in Bulgaria and Romania, who will benefit in their situation from the increased activities of the CSOs and will count on better advocacy and representation from the “third sector” institutions.

The main activities cover local and national researches on the topic, formation of networks of CSOs involved in active ageing in Bulgaria and Romania, workshops and seminars for improving their capacity, establishing contacts with EU CSOs and networks active in the area, and building future partnership through web-based platform, future partnership projects, and possible establishment of new CSO structures. The activities also cover wide publicity of the actions and active involvement of the older people themselves

June 2007

Capacity building Workshop (I)

20 participants from the TEAA network will participate in an interactive workshop in Hotel Kremikovtzi – Vitosha mountain, from 16th till 19th of June, 2007.

The workshop will focus on capacity building, and will tackle issues about fundraising, communications and human resource management for Civil Society institutions.
June 2007

Third partners’ meeting

The third meeting of the project partners will take place in Sofia on 15th and 16th of June 2007.

The partners will discuss the organisation of the three interactive workshops, the first of which will start right after the meeting in Sofia. The trainers are ready to exchange ideas are training materials, for making the workshop more attractive and useful.


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ZNANIE Association, Sofia 1606, 'Vladaiska' str. 83
CSO_TEAA: The Civil Society Organisations in Bulgaria and Romania: On the Way Towards a Europe for All Ages
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